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Whether making a long-term commitment to your partner or navigating an unraveling relationship, the various aspects of family law can be intimidating and confusing. An experienced family law firm helps you find the most efficient and productive route to a resolution or agreement. And it reassures you that "It will all be okay."

That's Wilson Christen

Since 1989, we have built a reputation for legal excellence and integrity. We have been involved in precedent-setting decisions in family law and represented clients at courts of all levels. Our extensive experience means we give you direct and informed advice about your options. Whether your situation leads to negotiation, mediation or litigation, we make the process clear and efficient at each stage.


We won’t kid you about what’s possible. We’ll tell you what to expect and help you get there as soon as possible. We’ll explain every alternative and assess which ones to pursue. And we will help you avoid a court battle. But if it comes to that, we’ve been there before with great results.

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Testimonial: Jeffery Wilson

Commenting on the lack of time inexperienced lawyers spend observing their more seasoned colleagues, The Honourable Mr. Justice Joseph W. Quinn stated, "Some time ago I presided over a messy and protracted family proceeding in which the parties started out self-represented. Halfway through the trial, the respondent retained Jeffery Wilson. In my opinion, every family law lawyer in St. Catharines, with less than 10 years of experience at the bar, should have shuttered his or her office and logged some spectator time."

Testimonial: Brenda Christen

I know a bit about family law conflicts having practiced Family Law early in my legal career. When my own marriage fell apart my ex-wife spurned negotiation and mediation and took a highly adversarial stance. Throughout the extended proceedings Brenda Christen demonstrated a clear headed grasp of the relevant law and applicable strategy coupled with a principled approach to resolution. She was clearly respected by the Judges and the series of counsel my ex-wife retained. In spite of numerous obstacles thrown in her path she was able to obtain a final resolution consistent with the applicable law. I highly recommend Brenda as a highly regarded, very effective, and caring Family Law lawyer.

Testimonial: Alexandra Seaton

Divorce is not surprise is even more scary when you are going through one in your 60's! What you need is answers to hard questions. What you need is someone to handle the business of making sure that your future is going to be OK. These people are not therapists....nor should they be. The therapeutic value they have is that they do a hard job brilliantly so that you can breathe a little easier knowing that your situation is in competent, trustworthy hands. Alexandra Seaton and the people of Wilson Christen are a dynamic, well managed team...and they are MY team....thankfully.

Testimonial: Rui J.M. Alves

I had just entered a very turbulent and emotionally stressful time in my life and I knew I needed to surround myself with a team that would be able to support me legally. Rui Alves and his team at Wilson Christen LLP did just that for me, but they also respected my emotional fragility and supported me in way that I never imagined a legal firm would. Due to the nature of my case, it would be very easy for me to react in ways which would not benefit me and my daughter. Rui’s team would ensure that in those times they would hear me out, and yet suggest alternatives that would only be in my family’s best interest. I thank them profusely because I am where I am today because of them.

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Divorce was a horrible and painful experience for me but, if you are going through it, then without hesitation, I recommend Christopher Burrison. I asked for his help after serious problems with another firm. He took over a very complicated process, reviewed and understood the documents quickly, and presented a plan that worked. He is experienced, thorough, accurate and expeditious. His recommendations to me were well thought out and showed an outstanding understanding of the law and of human nature under stress. In the end, he saved me countless dollars and months of aggravation. I felt understood and supported throughout and can recommend Christopher without reservation.

TESTIMONIAL: Farrah Hudani

I am forever grateful for having received Farrah Hudani‘s legal service. She is the best family lawyer I have encountered to date. I retained her at the 11th hour when things had gone very bad for me. Not only did she do what seemed impossible and win a very difficult appeal, she spent countless hours of her personal time on my case. Farrah is very sharp and "on point". Her knowledge of family law is remarkable and she is truly an expert at what she does. It is because of her I have my daughter back and I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels the odds are against them.

Testimonial: Christina Doris

I can't say enough about my experience with Christina Doris. From our first meeting, I always felt that she was fully invested and determined to find a resolution as quickly as possible for me that was fair and just. I found her experience and professionalism combined with her empathetic and patient demeanour both reassuring and comforting. Her commitment and dedication to resolving all the longstanding issues in my case made working with Christina a pleasure. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone looking for an exceptional lawyer who is committed to resolving separation and divorce issues in a timely and fair manner.

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Erica Tait saw me through custody mediation. Not only is she clearly well versed in family case law and the mediation process, she also carried herself with poise, confidence and integrity every step of the way. She was a wonderful advocate for me and always kept my son's best interests as her main focus. She is a knowledgeable lawyer, but just as important, understands the complexities of family dynamics and parenting after divorce. I would not want to traverse such a difficult process with anyone else. I am deeply grateful for her guidance and expertise through this difficult time.

Testimonial: Jessica Braude

Divorce isn't a pleasant event to experience. Your lawyers shouldn't contribute to the unpleasantness. Wilson Christen was my third firm because I wasn't able to find such a supportive and empathic group of lawyers and law clerks as I did here. Jessica Braude led me through the turmoil into a place where I knew I was being taken care of. Their immediate understanding of the issues, and their approach to a solution was perfect. Professional at all times, they led me to a successful legal conclusion during a time of much stress. Thank you for your counsel, your diligence, your support, and mostly, your faith in me.  


Chris Mamo was my Family Law Attorney. Chris is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my best interest in mind. Chris always gave me excellent advise and I always felt like I was in good hands. Chris always took my calls and I especially liked his ability to remain calm at all times even when I was in panic mode. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone that requires a Family Law Attorney.

Testimonial: Neesha Rao

Neesha Rao is young lawyer with unquestionable, outstanding promise. As a student in my Family Law course and as a collaborator on my research, Neesha proved herself time and time again as bright, knowledge and pragmatic. Results-oriented, Neesha always delivers work of decidedly high caliber. I could not be happier that she's now practicing family law, given the energy, skill and breadth of knowledge that she will bring to her work with clients and colleagues. 

Angela Campbell
Associate Provost and Associate Professor,
McGill University


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